How To Play

How do I register to theLotter?
To register, please go to the Sign up section, and follow the site’s instructions.

How do I register to receive Jackpot e-mail Alerts?
You can receive an immediate E-mail alert on any of the declared lottery jackpots which have passed an amount selected by you.

Why must participants be at least 18 years old?
We make every effort to abide by the customs and rules of many different countries. Usually lotteries are restricted to participants of 18 years or older, while some put the limit at 21. In any case, the rules that apply to you are the rules of your own country, so be sure to check the local rules before participating in lottery games through

Even if you don’t participate in the official lotteries through, you can still play the free group lottery game, with prizes of up to US $100,000.