Of all the games you can play online, lottery games offer the biggest jackpots, with the world’s largest jackpots totaling in the hundreds of millions. Playing lottery games online allows you to enjoy this experience from home whenever you want. With hundreds of different lotteries just a few clicks away, you no longer have to wait for several days for a drawing to occur.

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Lottery games vary in number pools and prizes. For example, some lottery games are a pick 3 style where you select the three-digit combination of your choice from numbers 0-9. Pick 3 and pick 4 lotteries typically have more chances of winning but they have smaller payouts. The lottery games with higher jackpots are usually of the pick 6 variety; these usually have number pools ranging from 1-50. The prizes work on a tiered system, starting with a small prize for three matched numbers; a perfect match wins the jackpot. The jackpot will increase each time if there is no grand prize winner.
Lottery is not entirely a game of chance; some numbers are drawn more often than others, and analyzing these trends can help maximize your chances of winning. Even so, each lottery player has his or her own way of working with these trends. Some choose the more commonly drawn numbers, while others pick the numbers that haven’t been drawn in a while because they figure that those numbers are due to show up in an upcoming drawing.

There are many lottery strategies that have been created by mathematicians or even those who play the lottery frequently enough to establish certain patterns in lottery drawings. Whether you want to follow any particular lottery strategy is up to you, as the primary object of the game is to enjoy playing. Some prefer to study trends in lottery drawings, whereas others choose to trust their luck and let random numbers determine their fate.

Whichever online lottery game you prefer to play, or whether you enjoy a variety of lottery games, iWinWeekly provides up-to-date results of your favorite games and provides the opportunity for you to have a fun, stress-free gaming experience.